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British Rosé Veal:
high quality & high welfare

Improved breeding and calf welfare now makes veal a sustainable, low fat and nutritous meat to be enjoyed.


We offer premium cuts of veal which are excellent for quick frying or grilling.

Veal comes from the calves (usually the bullocks) of dairy cows. Historically, bull calves have been viewed as a waste product of the dairy industry, being of little value to farmers as they can not be used for milking, resulting in many being killed at birth.

You may have been exposed to white veal, which is the result of the cruel practice of keeping calves in crates and feeding them a deficient, milk-only diet. This practice was mercifully banned in the UK in 1990.

Thankfully, with the rising popularity of British Rosé Veal, farmers are able to profitably raise bull calves for 8 months under strict welfare guidelines, whereby the calves live comfortable lives outdoors and can ruminate as well as consume their mother’s milk.

The healthy diet of well-reared calves results in meat that is pink in colour rather than white.

By championing British Rosé Veal and contributing to its consumer demand, you are giving the calves of dairy cows the chance to live happy lives and helping local farmers to boost profits.

Rich in Omega-3 and containing less fat than regular beef, ethical British Rosé Veal is a versatile and beautifully tender meat which can be incorporated into a range of dishes. Signature veal dishes from Italy include Veal Piccato and Ossobuco alla Milanese. British Rosé Veal is also fabulous as a fried escalope paired with seasonal vegetables and a rich cream sauce such as Marsala sauce.

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