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Locally sourced pork:
Perfect for roasting, grilling & braising

Premium quality meat, expertly hand-cut by our experienced team of artisan butchers.


Juicy, rich & flavourful

Committed to supplying our valued customers with the highest quality products, the majority of our succulent pork cuts come from native breeds reared outdoors on trusted farms in and around North Yorkshire, ensuring that the meat is deep in colour and rich in flavour.

Our premium pork cuts and joints include:

  • Boneless belly pork joint
  • Pork belly slices
  • Boned/rolled pork loin
  • Boneless pork leg joint
  • Flat pork loin
  • Pork leg steak
  • Pork loin steaks
  • Pigs cheeks
  • Pork shoulder joint
  • Thick-cut spare pork ribs
  • Stuffed pork loin
  • Tenderloin pork fillet


Whether you opt for pan-seared pork tenderloin for a quick and delicious midweek meal or you’re looking to treat your family to a comforting, classic Sunday roast complete with crispy crackling, we have the perfect cut of meat to suit any occasion.

For stir-fries, low-fat bolognese or a slow-cooked casserole, we offer tender, melt-in-the-mouth minced and diced pork. We are also skilled in crafting handmade pork and apple burgers and offer our award-winning traditional, golden puff pastry pork pies in our family-run delicatessen.